A Break From Writing

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Can a writer take a break from writing?

Once upon a time, I didn’t think so. I thought that I had to constantly be writing, or thinking about writing, or reading about writing. If I didn’t, I somehow felt that I was doing something wrong by not actually writing.

Then, something happened.

I’m not quite sure what it was. All of a sudden, I realized that I was no longer interested in coming home and sitting behind my keyboard. Instead, I’d come home from work, sit down in front of the television, and I’d tell myself that I’d write the next day.

The only problem with that was when the next day came, I still wasn’t writing.

This led to feeling guilty that I wasn’t writing. I’d spend the day telling myself that I was going to write, but when night came and I was able to write, I wouldn’t do it — which led to more guilt about not writing.

Before I knew it, I was beginning to suspect that I was no longer a writer.

This went on a for about half a year. There was always a little bit of a spark in me, but it wasn’t enough to get a fire burning. I’d come up with an idea and pursue it for a little while, but then, I’d just find myself unable to get motivated.

This led to a feeling almost of depression.

However, recently something has been happening. Slowly but surely, the spark has been returning. It’s not a full-blown fire yet, but it’s definitely more than it’s been for quite some time.

So, if you’re in a spot where you’ve lost your spark — don’t despair. If you’re a writer — and let’s face it, you are — the time will come when you sit down behind the keyboard and you create the magic once again.

You’ll see.